• IT/digital media law is very relevant to every business today and conflicting regulation rather than lack of regulation is nowadays more often the problem when it comes to issues on the World Wide Web. It is crucial to be aware of all the prevailing (international) regulation when licensing software, creating a web-site or using a domain name, and often there is a great overlap with IP law in this area.

    1. Contracts and advice

      • Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements
      • Software licences
      • Software development agreements
      • Distribution/reseller/OEM agreements
      • Consultancy agreements
      • Support/maintenance
      • Managed services/framework agreements
      • Website audits
      • Internet sales terms and conditions, including site terms & disclaimers
      • Acceptable use policies
      • Data protection/privacy policies
      • Email/internet policies for employers
      • Website design contracts
      • Web-hosting agreements
      • ISP and ASP agreements and other telecom service
      • Agreements escrow
      • Disaster recovery
    2. Protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights

      • Commissioning/consultancy/services agreements
      • Assignments and licensing of intellectual property rights (including copyright for software)
      • Advice on applying for and protecting registrable rights (for example, trade marks, domain names, registered designs)
    3. Regulatory Issues

      • Distance selling regulations
      • Domain names
      • Data protection
      • Freedom of information
      • Protection/enforcement of intellectual property rights
      • Disability discrimination
      • Advertising standards
      • Defamation

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