• Today’s world is run by data and even though we don’t realise it, it governs most of our daily lives. Data is however mostly about our private affairs (such as our personal data and our activity habits). Complex sets of rules and regulations continue to come into force almost daily to protect us from misuse of personal data. As the legal implications of data misuse are severe and the law is changing and evolving so rapidly, it is essential that businesses get solid and ongoing advice on this area of international(!) law.

    • Data Protection Compliance Audits, Privacy Impact Assessments & Compliance Implementation Plans
    • Compliant data transfer inside and outside the EEA
    • Data Retention Audits & Policies
    • Compliant e-privacy and direct marketing campaigns
    • Fair Collection Statements, Website Privacy Policies and Health Checks
    • Dealing with the UK Information Commissioner and other EU supervising authorities
    • Data Protection policies, handbooks and employment documentation
    • Data Processing Agreements
    • Handling Subject Access Requests and Complaints
    • Data Protection Helpline
    • Data Protection Law Training
    • Procurement of Data Protection compliant systems
    • Freedom of Information Act Training
    • Interaction between Freedom of Information Act and other privacy legislation
    • Compliant publication schemes
    • Protecting private sector information when working with public authorities
    • Application of Freedom of Information Act exemptions Information access mechanisms
    • Developing procedures for handling information requests and response audit trails

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