• Most businesses when they get to a certain size will require a dedicated property to house staff and/or machinery. The rules for acquisition or disposal of commercial property are very different than for residential property, and as the property becomes/is an asset of the company (when bought) or a significant fixed cost (when leased) there is a large overlap into company financial regulations. It can become a significant management challenge to deal with all the potential pitfalls and cost so getting the right advice and streamlining the process is of utmost importance, whether you are a large multinational or a local SME. 

    A selection of the most common issues we can deal with are:

    • buying and selling all types of commercial properties
    • granting and taking leases
    • development
    • businesses and corporate support options
    • restrictive covenants/commercial easements
    • financing
    • mineral leases
    • portfolio clients
    • when things go wrong
    • investment property

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