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AIBL is a company limited by guarantee whose members are independent lawyers who each deal in their own specialist areas of business law (“member”).


Except as otherwise stated, members of AIBL are all qualified solicitors and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Members are qualified to advise on the laws of ENGLAND AND WALES only, except where they are suitably qualified in other territories and this is evidenced on their own websites. Clients must under all circumstances convince themselves of the qualifications and when in doubt make their own enquiries.


The services offered by members are provided further to each member’s terms and conditions. Please refer to each member for a copy of such terms and conditions.


AIBL does not itself provide legal advice, recommendations, endorsements or legal representation of any kind and is not liable for any legal advice given by any member or members of AIBL.

AIBL has no employees. In the event of any query arising out of information shown on the website please contact: Mr Andrew James at info@independentbusinesslawyers.co.uk


The information contained on the AIBL website is not provided and must not be used for any specific situation or purpose. It is not legal, regulatory or financial advice. Users must form their own view as to the accuracy of the information.

While efforts will be made to keep the information contained  on the AIBL website current neither AIBL nor any member of AIBL represents or warrants that any information is up to date, complete, accurate or reliable.

The information and opinions contained on the AIBL website are provided without any warranty or undertaking of any kind whether express or implied.

Neither  AIBL nor any member of AIBL endorses, approves or recommends any URL linked to or from any part of the AIBL website which does not form part of the content of the AIBL website, including member websites (“Third Party Pages”).

AIBL is not responsible for any content found on Third Party Pages. Links to Third Party Pages are provided for convenience only. Where links are present on the AIBL website to sites operated by its members, the AIBL members are responsible for the content of their own websites.

AIBL does not grant or purport to grant any intellectual property rights in any Third Party Pages


AIBL is independent from its members. You will have sole discretion as to whether to appoint a member who responds to an enquiry from you via AIBL. Each member has sole discretion to accept instructions from you further to such an enquiry.

The address for written correspondence is care of Mr Andrew James, Association of Independent  Business Lawyers, 114A Old London Road, St Albans AL1 1PU


As you will be aware the internet is not a secure medium for communication and you should therefore avoid disclosing privileged and/or specific information regarding matters which require legal advice when using the AIBL website. Specific information should only be disclosed to a specific member.

Use of this website does NOT create a solicitor/client relationship.

By leaving your contact details on the AIBL website you agree to each member using your details to provide you with information which they believe may be of assistance. If you do not wish your personal information to be used in this way please check the ‘Opt Out’ box  on the contact form. - neeeds discussing

Alternatively you may indicate that you only wish to be contacted by specific members.


No fee is charged for use of the AIBL website. Any decision by you to instruct a member is your responsibility. Once you have instructed a member you will agree to terms and conditions for agreed and specified services and the level of fees payable for such services. AIBL will have no liability for such fees. The fees charged by the members will not include any fee for membership of AIBL.


Each member bears sole responsibility for checking as to whether any conflicts of interest exist between you and any other clients of that member.


To the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations neither AIBL nor any member of AIBL shall be liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage of any kind including, without limitation, any direct, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the access of, use of, performance of, browsing in or linking to the AIBL website or its member websites or other sites accessed from these websites or from any reliance that may be placed by any person who is using or visiting the AIBL website or any information of whatever nature which may be made available to you as a result of using or visiting the AIBL website.


Users of the AIBL website acknowledge that all intellectual property used on the website including but not limited to domain names, trademarks, and copyright works are the property of AIBL unless otherwise indicated.

If no specific restrictions are displayed you may make hard copies of selected portions of the AIBL website provided such copies are for personal use only.