Welcome to the Association of Independent Business Lawyers (AIBL).

Do you worry that:
• Your usual lawyer doesn’t have the expertise for a particular business deal or issue that you need help with?
• Your law firm is not providing you with the best person for the job?
• Your law firm is a cost-heavy institution which is milking you for fees?!
• Your lawyers are focussing on their business needs and not yours?

Would you like:
• To have access to a business lawyer who is an experienced specialist in the area of law you need help with?
• To have your own specialist lawyer you can call at any time and who will deal with you personally?
• To have a lawyer you can work with to scope your legal requirements, knowing they want to provide you with the best possible value for money?
• A specialist business lawyer you can be comfortable treating as your own in-house lawyer?

If your answer is yes, what you need is an AIBL lawyer!

In most circumstances an AIBL lawyer will give you better service and better value than you could get from a traditional law firm. How? It’s an inevitable result of the criteria we set for membership of AIBL (see the ‘Who we are’ page), which are all designed to ensure the EXPERTISE AND INDEPENDENCE of each AIBL member:

All AIBL lawyers have extensive specialist experience in their field, and can offer you expert but excellent value legal services. If you are a business owner, a director of a large international company, or anyone else seeking help with legal issues affecting your business, we have the business lawyer for you.
AIBL lawyers operate independently, without the constraints or costs of working for a law firm. This means that unlike your dealings with large, corporate law firms, you will always deal directly with your chosen expert. This guarantees higher quality advice and personal service for a more reasonable price.
Collectively, we can provide you with whatever you need in practically every area of business law. We also guarantee that you will always deal with the expert, rather than a junior lawyer/non-expert.

To choose your lawyer, use the links on the right to search by specialism.
If you have a specific question, use the contact form on the right.

We look forward to working with you!

There are no fees associated with engaging a lawyer through AIBL.